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Friendlies Debt Relief

Big Rewards for Being Friendly!

Will you personally profit from the coming internet revolution in debt collection? Join us in our mission to drag the debt collection industry into the internet age and reap the rewards of digitally disrupting an industry rooted in the dark ages.

This limited opportunity (in both time and number of investors) may be your last chance at getting in on the internet revolution of an antiquated, analog industry — and the kind of eye-popping returns that kind of ground floor opportunity can generate. These kind of deals are usually only available to financial insiders: venture capitalist, well-healed angels and institutional investors. We are turning that model upside down via a crowdfunding effort that gives average folks the first shot at this deal — and the kind of outsized returns that can change peoples’ lives, even with a small investment.


Seasoned Financial Execs-
Dragging Debt Collection into the Internet Age

Formed by top execs from American Express/Ameriprise, Prudential, and various internet startups, Friendlies Debt Relief  invites  you to invest in a better way to profit from the coming internet revolution in debt collection.  One that replaces harassing phone-bullies wielding the proverbial “baseball bat” and mountains of confusing paperwork with modern online technologies and methods. By leveraging the power of the internet along with step-by-step incentives to help consumers work their way out of debt in a better, more motivating, and more positive way —  Friendlies replaces the “stick” with the “carrot” for debt relief.


Problem We Solve

Debt collection has been the #1 source of consumer complaints to the FTC in America for decades.  This has prompted the FTC, in conjunction with the FCC, to finally crack down on the debt collection industry by preparing to ban phone calls (the industry’s #1 collection tool), effectively driving collectors to switch to opt-in email and text communications in order to survive. And who is going to opt-in to collection harassment!

This new reality of consumer opt-in communications will force collectors to completely flip their traditional “baseball bat” model based on intimidation to a completely foreign approach that requires a positive, consumer-driven method that motivates people to opt-in to paying down their debt.


Why Friendlies Wins

Friendlies’ creation of a more positive, predictable, and highly trackable algorithm (think computer driven “formula”) for debt collection — exceeding the historical 17 cents on the dollar collection rate — is what will make us successful.

Every financial services company (think banks, credit cards, investments, insurance, etc.) struggles mightily when collecting from difficult debtors (who are also some of their highest margin customers). So, they hold their noses and outsource their debt problems to nasty collection agencies with the hope that it doesn’t blow back on them. Figuring out and demonstrating the effectiveness of Friendlies’ algorithm for a positive, consumer-friendly debt collection process is what will make Friendlies worth a ton to the financial services industry, as well as the potential acquirers in that  industry that represent our exit strategy.

Success in flipping the historical, harassing “stick” approach to a more successful “carrot” algorithm will result in Friendlies becoming a potent acquisition target, roll up model or an essential “mend” strategy for the entire financial services community that is dependent on debt — and they ALL are.


Become a “Friendly”!
Join us in our mission to drag the medieval debt collection business into the internet age and get the debt monkey off consumers’ backs. With the FCC driving mandatory change by requiring consumers to actually opt-in to debt collection methods, a consumer-friendly debt relief model is going to happen FAST!


Invest. How it Works:

You are investing in what is formally called a “Revenue Sharing Promissory Note Agreement”. If you invest $2,000, this agreement also offers the investor an opportunity to own EQUITY in the company. All investors will receive a percentage of the REVENUE of the company. “VIP-level” ($2,000) investors will also receive equity shares in the company.


Invest $1,000 or $2,000:

  • $1,000 level investors will receive monthly checks with a 5 year payout of $1,500, with a potential to double your money up to $2,000.
  • $2,000 VIP-Level investors will receive monthly checks with a 5 year payout of $3,000, with a potential to double your money up to $4,000.



$2,000 VIP-Level investors will also receive 200 shares of Class B Preferred  Stock


$2,000 VIP-Level investors will also receive voting rights on those 200 shares


$2,000 VIP-Level investors will also receive 1.5 times the dividends paid to other shareholders

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