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Tenacity Holdings

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Tuesday, July 28, 2020
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Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Saturday, October 31, 2020
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Tenacity Holdings, LLC ("Tenacity") is a Minnesota Limited Liability Company seeking passive investors in a blind pool fund for the purpose of partnering with a network of commercial land and real estate development companies in identifying unusable land parcels in desirable urban locations and converting the land to a higher purpose use and returning profit to the fund.

Our Mission:

To be the leading Real Estate Investing Group where our Investors become True Partners based on a strong foundation of faith, fanatical integrity, and exclusive, unique investment offerings.

Tessa Kennedy is the founder and CEO and her husband Mark Ketchum is a managing partner; together they have been involved in real estate investments over the past 15 years and have built a well-established partner network amassing 70 years+ of commercial land and real estate development and investment success across the country.

A typical Tenacity investment project includes the identification of an unusable land parcel in a desirable urban location and conversion of the land to a higher purpose use. We have a dedicated team to ensure timelines, costs, and deadlines are managed to ensure your investment is secure and equity is achieved at the highest level. A few examples of land arbitrage project scopes include, but are not limited to:

  • Flood plain land reclamation
  • Dredging of watershed sections of land
  • Engineering land and soil structure
  • Rezoning land for commercial real estate use

We have exclusive access to a 5–7-year pipeline of land arbitrage projects; thus, by investing with us you will have access to our “velocity of money” project lifecycle where your investments will grow exponentially with each new project.

Investment Summary:

Tenacity Holdings is a blind pool fund, regulated by Reg-D and Reg-CF, meaning we are opening the door to accredited and non-yet-accredited investors alike. The investment minimum is $10k (Reg-CF); however, many of our partners invest $100,000 or more to increase their equity position. In compliance to Reg-CF regulations, prior to your investment fund transferring to the control of Tenacity, a detailed project specific plan will be provided to you to ensure full disclosure of the intended investment plan associated to your investment. Our investors will always receive their initial investment back prior to any equity distribution and our investors are all preferred in sharing 60% of the profit. The overall fund target raise is $1M.  Annualized returns will be ~50% depending on scope of project.

By investing with Tenacity, you have the opportunity for compounded returns on your investment(s).  Meaning once you have passively invested in one of our offerings, your money will be put to work, your initial investment returned, and then an equity distribution is deposited to your account.  Once that happens, you have the decision to keep your investment and profits in for the next offering and allow your money to exponentially grow. Whatever your financial goals are, Tenacity can help you reach and surpass them quickly and seamlessly.

This offer has a minimum raise of $550,000 and maximum raise of $1,000,000. Interests may be purchased by an investor during any open enrollment period set by the General Partner. The General Partner may reject any subscription in whole or in part for any reasons. Interests are transferable only with the consent of the General Partner and only in compliance with State and Federal Securities laws. The raise will be used to cover costs of the crowdfunding platform and as a loan to the fund’s Partner Network.

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Tenacity Holdings:

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Tenacity Managers:       Tessa Kennedy  |  651.492.3548  |  [email protected]

Mark Ketchum  |  763.607.6800  |  [email protected]