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What We Do

We build pre-leased cutting-edge agricultural facilities for the world’s largest animal integrators.  Pork is the #1 protein source accounting for 38% of global meat production with a market increase of over 5% per year.  Existing older facilities are reaching their end of live cycle in a growing market resulting in a high demand for new facilities being available for hog integrators to lease.  Viroment’s pre-leased facilities lock in cash flows for 15-yr terms.  Viroment’s unique barns filter and dewater manure in real-time improving animal health by eliminating odors.  The inclusion of the Viroment equipment results in a significant increase to the overall financial bottom line.

We Are

The Viroment Capital founders are experienced and were raised on family farms. Paul’s invented a patented a process to dewater sludge later used for Hurricane Harvey’s disaster clean-up for the City of Houston.  Russ owns a 3rd generation feed mill, owns hag barns and is a board member for the National Pork Council resulting in longstanding relationships with large-scale integrators.  Chris Reimers brings an deep understanding of manure nutrients value to the team.

Investment Opportunity

Viroment is seeking capital to finance and build pre-leased cash flowing hog barns. Investors will receive annual return of up to 12%. The investor will receive quarterly dividend payments with a final balloon payoff at the end of the 3-yr note term.   


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Friday, February 28, 2020
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Friday, February 26, 2021
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Sunday, May 31, 2020